Club Crypto Vetted Projects

Diamond Rating

At Club Crypto we audit projects and provide them with a 1-5 Diamond Rating.

Our diamond rating system works on a mix of the following:

Contract CheDiamond Ratingcks (Full Audit Coming Soon)

Diamond RatingWallet Investigations

Diamond RatingSocial Awareness

Diamond RatingProject Model Revision 

Diamond RatingGet to Know the Team & Private Doxx to Club Crypto

When you're investing in a 5 Diamond approved Club Crypto Project you can have peace of mind that your investment is safe. Also all 4 & 5 Diamond Rated Projects are supplied to our quality network of Exclusive Private Groups, AMA Lounges, Call Groups and Influencers to ensure they get the best promotion available pre and post launch.

1-3 Diamond Rated projects come with a risk attached. It doesn't mean they wont make you money, it simply means we cant assure their safety. The risk of investing in these projects increases and the longevity reduces. However sometimes the best Degend plays start this way, so play to your own investment strengths, DYOR and discuss with our well informed members.

Contact us via Telegram or to submit / refer a project for auditing and promotion. 

Collectable Project Sets

We design unique project sets for tokens that want to celebrate their launch, or their continued success as a team! These one of a kind limited edition sets will only go up in price the more popular you become.

We can also make these sets into moving NFT's. Contact us for more information. 

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