Club Crypto Tokenomics

Club Crypto is the future of Reward Tokens. We offer a safe, trusted environment where you can truly hold and watch your investment grow, whilst having a good nights sleep.

Club Crypto Pie

Primary Tokenomics

 Our starting Tokenomics for Club Crypto won't be anything out of the ordinary. The investor will be taxed the same on both transactions and rewards will flow freely into your wallet, once the volume cap is met. The difference will be the quality assurance we provide and our Phase 2 Tokenomics.

5% Staking Treasury

Rewards for our staking pool which can change depending on what project is the most profitable for our holders.

3.5% Marketing

What’s a project without marketing!? We depend on our Members to help spread the word and we will back them up with a constant stream of marketing through various avenues.

0.5% Liquidity Injection

Ready to inject our LP at specific markers to help stabilise our chart on the way up. This is in addition to a portion of our revenue independent from the chart.

1.5% Project Development

Always staying ahead of the game and developing the Club Crypto Ecosystem