A Quality Team of Crypto Professionals Protecting Your Investment

Our Vision

Club Crypto is the evolution of Reward Tokens and the Solution to all Crypto Investors Problems.

 Club Crypto aims to build a strong, stable environment where investors can yield higher rewards from their favourite projects with lower risk. We will achieve this through a new dynamic business space, not just introducing investors to safe projects, but projects to quality crypto professionals.

  We believe that to achieve our vision with Club Crypto, transparency and social awareness needs to be at our core. We will not only connect projects and people together, we'll strive to teach safe, efficient trading practices and eliminate fake projects. This will be achieved through an open social environment, where asking questions is actively promoted and projects undergoing strict screening to be stamped with the Club Crypto seal of approval!

 Visit our Telegram to talk with part of our team. Email us at to discuss listing a project, Promoting your Profession, or for further business opportunities.


We believe at Club Crypto there is no such thing as “Fudding”, only questions from people that need answers! If our investors have doubts about our project then we need to answer them. We haven’t done our job right if you’re genuinely worried with our direction, so please ask away on our Telegram for a quick response to your queries.

Questions in clear view of everyone are good! They only help us cement our ethos of a transparent and trustworthy project.

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