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Providing Safe, Secure Investments with High Rewards, whilst Connecting the Very Best Professionals in the Crypto Space.

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Club Crypto:
Launching 7th December 2021

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Club Crypto is the evolution of Tokens and the Solution to all Crypto Investors Problems.....

The Club Crypto Ecosystem is setup to reward its holders with more than just our chart! They deserve to benefit from our wealth of experience, network of professionals and  ever-growing project list. All Club Crypto holders will have the opportunity to grow their Crypto Bags with our guidance!

Club Crypto Life

1-5 Diamond Quality Assured Projects

AMA's from New & Existing Projects

Cash Prizes:

- Weekly Lotto Draw

- Weekly Quiz

- Weekly Gamer Comp

Pre-Sales, White List Comps and Early Calls

Access to our Club Crypto Professionals Network

Club Crypto Exclusive Lounge

Ask how to become a member of our Exclusive Members Lounge and benefit from all we have to offer.....

Exclusive Info on Projects

Private Sales

White List Options

Direct Access to Project Devs

Grandmaster Flash

NFT Profiles for Club Crypto Professionals (Free until launch)

Crypto Professionals who pass our quality checks will be gifted a Legendary Edition profile picture, minted by Club Crypto! 

Trusted Project Launches for Safe Investments

Club Crypto will actively search for and promote safe project launches from Trusted Devs, so you can concentrate on growing your investment and not worrying about rug pulls. 

Club Crypto Legendary Project Card
Club Crypto Project Card Artsy

Project Team Cards

Create brand awareness and a family bond with an all in one Project Set! Just like this amazing design from our one and only Artsy, the man that can. Notice the number and unique boarder design. 

Club Crypto Phase 2

Satellite Tokens, Comprehensive Audits, NFT Marketplace

ClubCrypto Phase 2

One thing is for certain, the future of Club Crypto is more than just a chart! The comprehensive Crypto Ecosystem that we are building is designed to connect seamlessly and span multiple block chains. The constantly evolving nature of Club Crypto is what will attract new investors and projects alike. Take a look at our road map for more information.